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Trailer Towing Training

At RSM we provide intensive one-to-one trailer towing training courses that enable drivers to tow a trailer safely and competently on the road. Regardless of the type of vehicle you wish to drive or tow it is always advisable to have professional training in trailer towing. We offer trailer towing courses for manual and automatic transmission vehicles which are designed to help you tow the trailer you wish.

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  • Caravan Towing
  • Horsebox Towing
  • Trailers for cars, motorbikes, boat or jet-ski

Trailer Towing & The Law

The law regarding towing with a trailer changed in 2021.

Previously to tow trailers over a certain weight on your car driving licence you were required, by law to take an additional driving test and obtain the Category B+E on your licence.

There is no longer a requirement to take a driving test to gain a Category B+E licence but you should check your vehicle and trailer weight to see if this is covered under Category B+E

We advise you refer to  and for further information about vehicle and trailers weights and what you are covered for

Despite driving tests no longer being required, many insurance companies advise undertaking ‘Competency Training’ and you yourself may feel better to be taught how to tow a trailer safely including how to couple a trailer and reverse.

Trailer Towing - Driver Competency Courses

Given that everyone’s driving ability and confidence differs, RSM offer tailored B+E Competency Courses to suit. Whether you require an hour or two with a qualified instructor to refresh your knowledge and practical skills or you have never towed before and want to book block session to comprehensively cover all aspects of towing, our team are happy to discuss options with you.

All of our driver towing training is carried out on a one-to-one basis with a registered driving instructor. We can use your vehicle and trailer to train or one of our vehicles.

Our instructors will teach you to be competent, confident and safe to drive on the open road unsupervised with a trailer, concentrating on any areas of concern you may want tuition in.

Trailer Towing - B+E Tuition Areas Covered

  • Vehicle Safety Checks
  • Couple / Uncouple Procedure
  • Reversing Practice & Techniques
  • All aspects on Road Driving including the importance of awareness and planning, use of mirrors, signals, stopping distances

Why choose RSM Driver Training

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One-To-One Training
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RSM Commercial Driver Training

RSM Commercial Driver Training are an accredited commercial driver training school. We have training centres in Essex and Suffolk and offer intensive ONE-TO-ONE commercial driver training courses across Essex, London, Kent and Suffolk.

First Rate Driver Training

The RSM team of expert commercial driver training instructors are committed to providing the highest level of driver tuition in a range of commercial driver training vehicles. Our driving instructors pride themselves on teaching drivers to be confident, aware and safe drivers, which we believe gives them the best chance of passing the test the first time. We have a very high pass rate because we teach drivers under our tuition to be highly professional and able drivers, beyond what is expected in commercial driving tests.

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