Terms & Conditions

Booking and payment of course fees

(1.1)   At the time of booking, an invoice for training services will be raised and sent by post or email to the customer or the customers agent

(1.2)   RSM will provide the customer/customers agent with full course details, which include training dates, location, start/finish times and DVSA Practical test confirmation (Joining Instructions) via email or post if email not available.

(1.3)   All course fees are to be paid in full by the due date shown the invoice

(1.4)   At RSM’s discretion a deposit equal to 50% of the total invoice may be taken by the due date to keep/confirm the booking, with the remaining balance to be paid no later than the start of training.

(1.5)   Any training/dates booked with us are not deemed as ‘Confirmed’ unless a deposit or payment in full has been made, or if the booking has been made through a third party with whom separate booking terms have been established and agreed with RSM

(1.6)   All monies paid towards the course fees as either deposits, part payments balance payments are non refundable upon cancelation of the booking by the customer/customers agent unless subject to the conditions detailed in the ‘Refunds’ section

(1.7)   Payments can by made by bank transfer, Visa/Debit/Credit card or cheque. There are no additional charges for credit card payments

Pre-Course Licence Checks

(2.1)   It is the responsibility of the customer/customers agent to provide RSM with full, correct and up to date personal details relating to driving licences and the details on them, including National Insurance numbers in order for us to carry out relevant pre-booking licence checks on any candidates booked for training

(2.2)   The candidate gives RSM permission to make necessary licence checks and report any findings of endorsements and or penalties and restrictions back their agent if they have booked through one

Training Courses

(3.1)   The customer will provide their original Photo-card licence, Theory/Hazard/Module 2 test pass certificate and Module 3a Off Road pass certificate, if appropriate, to RSM at the commencement of the driver training course and/or driving test, and keep them with them for the duration of the training course/test. Failure to produce these documents may result in a training course being postponed until said documents can be produced to RSM or if attending a test, it being cancelled and fees lost.

(3.2)   Driver training will be conducted for the period of training time as agreed at the time of booking for which the relevant charges have been paid.

(3.3)   The training course will be conducted in such a manner so as to include all elements of the DVSA Syllabus including, where appropriate, road driving, reversing and coupling exercises including the Module 3a Off Road Assessment if not previously passed. Any classroom training, static instruction or briefings will deemed as to be part of the training course.

(3.4)   Should a customer, while on a training course, fail to attend any training session without a legitimate reason, that training time will be deemed as lost. Given a legitimate reason, at RSM’s discretion, RSM will endeavor to provide additional training to cover the lost time, however, this additional training time will incur additional charges and will need to be agreed by customer/customers agent

(3.5)   Should a customer, whilst on a training course present as a danger to themselves, instructor or any other road user, RSM reserve the right to suspend or terminate the training course. A refund of the unused portion of the training minus any disbursements, such as DVSA practical test fees, instructor and admin charges will be given, except in circumstances where damage has been made to RSM or another parties property as a result of the candidate, on which occasions no refund will be made.

(3.6)   Customers are expected to show safe driving practices and pass the Module 3a Off Road test prior to being taken for a Module 3b On Road Driving test at a DVSA test centre. If RSM’s instructor feels that a candidate is not at the required DVSA standard regardless of whether they have passed their Module 3a, they reserve the right to not present you for the Module 3b until such a time you are ready and a test is available. Additional charges such as DVSA test fee and instructor hours would be applicable when booking back in.

(3.7)   Customers are required to sign and provide feedback on their ‘Pupil Record’ Sheet each day they attend with RSM. This document is used to ensure all elements of the course syllabus are covered and for reference of training times and feedback. This information will be shared with the customer’s agent if applicable.

(3.8)   RSM will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal items left in the training vehicle or on RSM’s premises.

(3.9)   Smoking is not permitted in any training vehicle or offices at RSM

(3.10)   RSM will endeavor to keep customers in the same vehicle for training where possible and will not transfer customers between vehicles except due to mechanical failure or any other cause out of the control of RSM. RSM cannot guarantee the same vehicle or instructor for additional training and/or practical retests.

(3.11)   The customer will present to the examiner, on request, at the time of any DSA test, their photo-card licence,DSA theory test pass certificates, and Module 3a pass certificate (if appropriate) for test category.

(3.12)   In the event of a mechanical breakdown RSM will provide, free of charge, any additional training, equal to the amount of time lost.

(3.13)   In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the result of which caused the termination or cancellation of a practical driving test, RSM will arrange a re-test with no charge to the customer/customers agent.

DVSA Tests

 (4.1)   RSM will not be held responsible for any practical driving test, Theory test, Hazard perception test or Driver CPC test being cancelled or re-scheduled by the DVSA.

(4.2)   Should term (4.1) apply the customer will be charged for any additional vehicle and instructor usage costs in the event of a re-test. The customer/customers agent will be responsible for making any claim against the DVSA for any such additional charges themselves

(4.3)   Should term (4.1) apply, RSM will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the customer.

(4.4)   All theory tests, Driver CPC tests and practical driving tests purchased by RSM from the DVSA on behalf of the customer are subject to the terms and conditions of the DVSA including their cancelation period and refund policy.

(4.5)   Should the customer feel a test was conducted in such a manner by the DVSA examiner that an appeal to the DVSA is required, any such appeal will be the customer/customers agent’s sole responsibility.

Third Party Suppliers

 (5.1)   On occasions RSM use Third party suppliers to assist with some elements of the training process such as medicals or to complete other training such as HIAB, Forklift or ADR as part of the booking with us. The customer will be informed on occasions we use such suppliers and details of the suppliers Terms and Conditions, of which RSM and our customers must adhere to, will be provided

Forfeiting of fees

 (6.1)    If a customer is considered by RSM to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on a training course (RSM operate a Zero Policy to Drink and Drug use) By attending a driving course with us you consent to take part in random drink/drug testing by way of saliva test at any stage throughout the course.

(6.2)   The customer terminates the training once it has commenced, for whatever reason. In exceptional circumstances RSM may re-arrange with the customer/customer agent, the balance of the unused portion of the course minus any costs incurred

(6.3)   Verbal or physical abuse against RSM’s staff (office or instructors) or its suppliers. Offenders will be removed from the premises or training vehicle at any time and the course cancelled immediately.

(6.4)   Failure to produce driving documents to a DVSA examiner on test, meaning the test cannot proceed.

Cancellations & Refunds

 (7.1)   RSM cancelation period for any training or appointments booked is 5 clear working days notice. Cancelations must be received in writing within this time in order for any refunds of payments to be given.

(7.2)   In absence of a full payment and cancelation is outside of our notice period, any deposit previously paid are non-refundable


(8.1)   Should there be a complaint by the customer/customers agent, for whatever reason, the customer/customer agent is required to lodge the complaint with RSM within seven days of the date of the incident. The customer is required to send details of the complaint to RSM, by recorded delivery, or email to, or speak directly with the Office Manager. In the interest of handling and investigating complaints, please ensure that all feedback/comments are logged on Pupil Record Sheet before leaving RSM. The Office Manager will respond to the complaint within 7 clear working days from receipt. Anyone unhappy with the response from the Office Manager can take this to the Owner of RSM. The Owners decision will be final.

Data Protection Act

 (9.1)   In accordance with the GDRP Data Protection Act, personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully. Personal data shall be obtained only for specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be processed in any manner incompatible with those purposes. Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it is processed. Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. Personal data shall be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects under the Act. Personal data shall be subject to appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage. Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the United Kingdom unless that country or
territory ensures an adequate level of data protection.

RSM will need to share certain data with the DVSA and other third party organisations involved in the training process. Please refer to RSM’s General Data Regulation Policy for full and further details regarding data by emailing

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